2015 Grant Recipients

The Hutchinson Health Foundation is excited to announce the two recipients of this year’s granting dollars.

The first recipient is Hutchinson Health Pediatric Rehab
Awarded with $10,000 to go towards a new pediatric jungle gym. This will allow them to continue to advance the health of our community. Congratulations!


HHF Board Members presenting Perry Coma, Rehab Manager with the $10,000 check

The second recipient also goes to Hutchinson Health
awarded $10,564 to purchase the Accu Vein System
This unique vein finding system will be utilized in several different service areas- struggling to find tricky veins will be a thing of the past- Congratulations!


HHF Board Members presenting the check to Dana Engelmann, R.N. Nurse Manager

What organizations have been awarded in the past?
2014 Grant Recipients
Hutchinson Health Radiology Waiting Room Remodel
Primary Nursing Care Conference
McLeod County Senior Expo
Hutchinson Health Junior Volunteer Program

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