A Message from Grateful Donors – Dr. Leah Schrupp & Jason Werowinski

As a physician at Hutchinson Health, Dr. Leah Schrupp feels strongly about the health of our community and being able to offer excellent health care locally. That’s why she and her husband, Jason Werowinski, have chosen to give financially as Patrons of Promise members. Dr. Schrupp noted, “Supporting the Foundation allows us to help support health outreach beyond what we do at the clinic and hospital, as well as support projects within those walls.” 

The Schrupp-Werowinski family feels that Hutchinson is a community full of people who truly care about each other and works hard to support one another. “Local health care helps maintain that sense of community, because it allows us to provide more services to patients so they don’t have to travel for their care.” 

This is especially true when it comes to our hospice program. We are incredibly fortunate to have a hospice program in Hutchinson that offers various services for patients and their families. Dr. Schrupp has been involved in hospice over the years both personally, when her father passed away, and professionally as a referring physician. Dr. Schrupp said, “I feel end of life care is one of those areas where we can make a huge difference in a patient and their family’s lives. We can help make sure that death is treated with dignity and the patient’s goals and wishes are prioritized. It is also crucial that the family understands the dying process and can have meaningful time with their loved ones. I have great appreciation for the men and women who do the hands-on work of educating and caring for our community members at the end of their life.” 

Thank you, Dr. Schrupp and Jason, for supporting health in our community!

If you are interested in learning more about donation opportunities, please email or call Rachel Gemuenden at 320.484.4438

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