A Message From One of Our Grateful Donors – The Fortuns’

Longterm Foundation Supporters Wayne and Terry Fortun

Long-term Foundation Supporters Wayne and Terry Fortun

While we are extremely grateful for each and every donor that supports the Foundation, we feel exceptionally blessed for our relationships with long-term donors. Their support and commitment to our cause and efforts year after year are invaluable. Wayne and Terry Fortun fall into that donor group, and recently blessed the foundation with a very substantial donation to the new Cancer Center. We had the opportunity to sit down with Wayne and Terry to learn more about what drives their desire to support our organization. Wayne shared the following:

“Terry and I find it gratifying to help with projects that directly raise the standard of living in our community.  The goals of the Foundation align with our shared passion for supporting oncology care.  Terry worked as a nurse for many years, including over 20 years in oncology.  The courage and strength she witnessed in her patients made her aware of the profound need for compassionate, high quality and modern cancer care.  In addition, I served on the hospital board for ten years.  We both appreciate the vital role that a strong healthcare system plays in the overall wellbeing of a community like Hutchinson.”

When asked why it is important to keep health care local for he and Terry, Wayne shared:

“The culture of Hutchinson is made up of hardworking, family oriented people.  We are fortunate to have access to excellent education, recreation and healthcare while we enjoy the feel of a small town.

Hutchinson is a perfect example of a community that could support and should have a fully staffed and functioning regional hospital and clinic to provide comprehensive healthcare for Hutchinson and surrounding communities.”

We couldn’t agree more with Wayne’s sentiments, and it is why we are so passionate in our efforts. It is because of donors like Wayne & Terry, along with so many others that are able to help move projects like the new Cancer Center from an idea to actual fruition. We hope you will join us for the new Cancer Center Open House on Wednesday, July 25th to see this state-of-the-art facility first hand.

If you are interested in supporting the build of the new Cancer Center or explore other donor opportunities email or call Rachael Gemuenden at rgemuenden@hutchhealth.com or 320.484.4438

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