A Message From One of Our Grateful Donors – The Mulders

Dr. Steven & Evelyn Mulder

Dr. Steven & Evelyn Mulder

It is no secret that our donors are what make our Foundation successful.  Without their support, whether it be through our donor clubs, our E-Star program, by supporting our fundraising events, or simply a one time donation, we would cease to exist. Those of you new to the Foundation may not understand the impact that would have on our community. Every year we give away thousands of dollars in grants (thanks to our donors) that go to support the growth of health care in our community and make it a better place.

So as we continue forward with a new year, we will continue to bring you stories about our grant recipients, and how your donations make a critical impact; as well as stories from our donors and why they choose to partner with us, like the one below. If you would ever like to learn more about the Foundation, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Many of you know Dr. Mulder as the President of Hutchinson Health. In addition, he and his wife Evelyn are avid supporters of the Foundation and long time Circle of Friends Members. With an upcoming April retirement, we wanted to take this opportunity to sit down with Dr. Mulder and get his perspective about donating to an organization that is so near and dear to his heart. Dr. Mulder wanted to share the following:

“With a combined 66 years working at Hutchinson Health, Evelyn and I have seen first-hand the impact of skilled, compassionate health care. If we can avoid the inconvenience and stress of travel to a large center, while still providing the same level of care, that’s one less thing patients and families need to worry about. We choose to donate to the Foundation because the Foundation directly supports the ability of Hutchinson Health to provide that level of care locally. We want to back initiatives that directly impact the ability to grow the breadth and depth of health care offered in Hutchinson. This is good for the community and, especially as we get older, for us!”

When asked what makes him most proud about our community, Dr. Mulder shared the following:

“Community investments that have a clear financial return are always easy to support. However, as a community we need to be proud that we also pursue investments that are more about quality of life than immediate return on investment. While more intangible, these investments have the greatest long term impact on future growth and vitality.”

Thank you Dr. Mulder not only for your leadership, but for your and Evelyn’s continued support!

If you are interested in learning more about our Circle of Friends program or other donation opportunities, please email or call Rachel Gemuenden at 320.484.4438

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