A Message From Our Grateful Donors – The Lueneburgs

Circle of Friends Members Brad and Jeri Lueneburg

Circle of Friends Members Brad and Jeri Lueneburg

The Foundation would cease to function, and cease to serve our community without the help of some very key players. Our dedicated Board members and our loyal donors just happen to be two that play a very vital part in our existence, and supporting the advancement of health care excellence through philanthropy. This quarter we would like to take moment and recognize the Lueneburgs, who happen to fulfill both of these roles. Brad has served on our Board since 2009, and both he and his wife Jeri support the foundation financially as members of our Circle of Friends Donor Program. In addition, they operate a locally owned pharmacy which helps further foster health in our community.

We recently sat down with the Lueneburgs to learn what drives them to give their gifts of both time and money to organizations such as the Foundation. Brad shared the following:

“Through my profession of being a pharmacist, health care is something that is very important to myself and my wife.  We recognize that supporting the Foundation is supporting health care for our entire community. In addition, we feel that giving is the backbone that helps these organizations thrive, which in turn helps our community thrive.  In general we find that area residents are extremely involved in many of the various organizations by giving of their time, talent, and money.  This makes the overall quality of life in this community something very special and something to be proud of. Giving to these organizations make us feel good about playing our part as well.”

When asked why keeping health care local was important to them, which is a mission the Foundation aims for, Brad stated:

“Keeping health care local is vital to a strong community and just makes plain sense.  We must have the resources close at hand to adequately respond to the community’s health care needs.”

As Brad will be retiring from our Board at the end of this year, we couldn’t help but ask him what his favorite part of being a HHF Board Member was, and he shared the following:

“Seeing how the Foundation has grown while I have been on the Board.  From Harmony River to all the various upgrades to Hutchinson Health’s programs and facilities that the Foundation has played a part in; it has been exciting being involved in it.”

With that we say THANK YOU Brad, for your service to the Board as well as your and Jeri’s loyalty to our Donor programs!

If you are interested in learning more about our Circle of Friends Program, other donation opportunities, or filling an open Board position in 2018, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at rgemuenden@hutchhealth.com or 320.484.4438.

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