A New Inclusive Playground for All Bodies and Abilities to Play

A message from one of our grateful recipients – Elks Lodge Inclusive Playground Task Force

New Elks Park Inclusive Playground

New Elks Park Inclusive Playground

The Foundation had the recent opportunity to present the Elks Lodge Inclusive Playground Task Force with $5,000 in funds to put towards the installation of a new Inclusive Park Playground right here in Hutchinson.

This new playground will allow children of all abilities to participate, play, and enjoy the outdoors together. With an inclusive playground, the play components are inviting and usable by most any child, whether they are able bodied or physically challenged. While the nearest inclusive playground is 50 miles away, that is about to change. The city will soon have a 9,000 square foot playground at Elks Park, next to the existing space, with 25 important components designed for children of all abilities.

Tammy Lehn, Co-Chair of the Elks Lodge Inclusive Playground Task Force, shared how the additional funding from the Foundation for the new inclusive park will have a positive impact on those within our community.

“We are so thrilled when we learned our grant had been approved. Summed up in one word, it was fantastic! Our community has been very supportive of the Inclusive Park, and the Elks Lodge Inclusive Playground Task Force feels this will help bring in additional people to our community. This new park will now provide children of all abilities the opportunity to be a part of and partake in a true park experience.

In addition, our local health care facilities will benefit by being able to take a brief walk to the park and use the playground to help their patients with rehabilitation. To watch strangers (young or old) become friends in this type of setting, will be amazing. It’s just one more component in helping keep our health care options local and our city of Hutchinson residents here to stay!”

To learn more about the new Elks Park Inclusive Playground, you can check out the short video below.

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