A Plan for Planning

Estate Planning

An estate plan is often commonly referred to as a “last will and testament” or more simply “a will”. A simple definition is a document in which you, the owner of assets and property, can determine what happens to those resources after you are deceased.

For many, preparing a will is like one of those New Year’s resolutions…we resolve to get it done, we recognize how important it is, and yet, before long we forget about it and don’t do it. Sometimes we become overwhelmed by the thought of who do I contact, where do I go to get started, how much is it going to cost?

Well, I would like to introduce you to a no cost opportunity to get started. Hutchinson Health Care Foundation is offering free estate planning to anyone interested in putting together an estate plan based on your personal values and objectives.

Hutchinson Health Care Foundation has contracted with Thompson and Associates to offer free of charge to you, the opportunity to formulate with a Thompson Associate, your estate plan that is personally and carefully thought out.

In the Thompson process:


  1. You will meet monthly with the Thompson Associate. The meetings are about one hour in length, are held in a Hutchinson Health Center Conference Room and it normally takes five to seven meetings to complete your plan.
  2. You will identify and clarify your legacy values
  3. You will create a statement of values that will communicate to your family or others the “why” and the “wherefore” of your estate
  4. You will have a statement of your net worth
  5. You will have an expert who can share tax advantaged planning tools and techniques to best accomplish your legacy plans
  6. You will receive a formal document that defines the details of your best plan to share with your own personal legal and financial advisors
  7. You will work with your own legal and financial advisors to implement your plan.

More benefits to you:

  1. Thompson and Associates expertise is completely FREE
  2. All information is completely confidential between you and your Thompson representative
  3. Though planning you may be able to significantly reduce tax liability associated with your estate
  4. Everything that is important to you will be identified in your plan
  5. There is no sales pitch, you not be asked to purchase anything
  6. If you already have a plan, this process can be a great opportunity to review and update your current will and/or trust and beneficiary statements.

You can arrange to have an appointment set up for you to meet with your representative to start by contacting Cary Linder at 320-484-4442 or email to clinder@hutchhealth.com.


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