Announcing Our 2020 Grant Recipients

Each year the Foundation funds organizational proposals that support the advancement of health within our community. Grants are awarded to fund new health initiatives, programs that improve health services, and health education programs. This year, we are able to award $30,000 in grants thanks to the generosity of our donors.

We are excited and proud to announce the 2020 Hutchinson Health Foundation grant recipients. Read below to learn more about how this year’s grants will be making a positive impact in our community.

Hutchinson Health Pediatric Rehab

iPad and Applications for Pediatric Therapy
Grant Amount $2,689.34

“Our Pediatric Rehab team touches the lives of approximately 50-75 children with various disabilities each week. Many of these children demonstrate communication and attention difficulties resulting in significant challenges to completing basic everyday tasks. The use of technology allows these children to interact with a medium between the adult giving directions as a gradual move to interacting directly with another adult or child. Current research indicates use of the iPad and apps as highly effective and beneficial in treatment sessions.” – Stacy Messner, OTR, Rehab Manager

St. Anastasia School

Non-contact Digital Thermometers
Grant Amount $500

“We have 126 students that potentially pass through the nurse’s office. We have a shared nurse with ISD 423 that only visits once per month, which means our office person often takes care of health duties. If each of our classrooms had a thermometer at their disposal, we could quickly determine if a child needs to be sent to the office for care, which would also eliminate the amount of class time missed by the students.” – Betty Jodzio, Principal

Hutchinson Health Post Anesthesia Care Unit & Endoscopy

Speakers for Music Therapy
Grant Amount $304.70

“The speakers in PACU and Endo are both in disrepair. Evidence supports music therapy as complementary therapy which relieves stress, improves patient satisfaction, and provides analgesia, potentially decreasing the use of medications such as narcotics for pain and sedation. Patients are included in decision-making and are given some control over their environment when they have the option to choose the music during their time in PACU/Endo, which supports healing and an excellent health care experience.” – Lori Chvojicek, RN/BSN

Hutchinson Farmers Market

Power of Produce Program
Grant Amount $4,119

“The Hutchinson Farmers Market Power of Produce (POP) program provides an avenue for children to participate in the food system, celebrate local food, and provides access to healthy food choices. POP allows families to benefit from fresh produce; we also have the potential to dampen the effects of food insecurity in this community by adding $4 a week to the grocery budget for every child in every household.” – Aimee Haag, Board Vice President

Hutchinson Health, Health Care Home

Trailblazer Transit tokens
Grant Amount $200

“Transportation barriers lead to missed appointments and rescheduled appointments, delayed care, and missed or delayed medication use. Transportation barriers also play a role in accessing healthcare, particularly for those who are uninsured or under-insured. By providing tokens for the Trailblazer Transit, we hope that patients will be able to better manage their healthcare, stay healthy and out of the hospital.” Joy May, RN

Wheel & Cog

Farmers Market Exhibit Update & Addition
Grant Amount $3,250

“The goal of updating and expanding the farmers market exhibit is to address national concerns of health and wellness by playfully educating children and families about healthy behaviors and food options. The grocery store addition will provide an opportunity for our youngest residents to experience real-life scenarios of responsible shopping, food sources and food selection.” – Jessica Sabrowsky, Board Chair

​Hutchinson Health Emergency Services

Emergency Radio APX Consolette
Grant Amount $9,746.10

“The Consolette Radio is our only means of communicating with EMS when they are bringing patients with emergent needs to Hutchinson Health. Our current XTL Radio is no longer supported by Motorola. It has not quit working, but if it does break, it likely cannot be repaired. To ensure uninterrupted communication between Hutchinson Health and all EMS providers, the XTL Consolette needs to be replaced with a new APX Consolette.” – Dana Englemann, RN

Adult Training & Habilitation Center

Looking Video Magnifier, CPR Manikin, AED Machine
Grant Amount $1,794

“ATHC supports individuals with visual and hearing impairments. The magnifier will be an effective tool and lengthen the time individuals are able to communicate. ATHC currently has certified CPR/First Aid instructors on staff who provide training to all employees. Upgraded training manikins will allow for more accurate training. The ATHC Crossroads site does not have an AED machine; an AED machine can save lives and we would like to ensure that everyone at that site has extra reassurance of having that device on site.” – Tonia Bymers, Senior Director of Programming

Hutchinson Health OB/ED/CCU/MS

CPR Simulator and Training Kit
Grant Amount $1,089.42

“The purchase of the CPR simulator and CPR training kit will be used in conjunction with the intubation head previously purchased with Foundation grant funds for training for advanced cardiovascular life support. Having this equipment will allow us to train all acute health care workers to respond to a cardiac event and utilize the equipment properly and safely.” – Teresa Smith, RN

Hutchinson Early Childhood Family Education

Rain Gear for Outdoor Classes
Grant Amount $1,100

“The goal of this project is to support and encourage families with young children to embrace and explore the outdoors in all kinds of weather. By supplying families with rain gear for class, we aim to share the importance of play, especially outdoor play. From these experiences, we hope that families will continue to enjoy and integrate outdoor play and exploration with their children at home and in the community.” – Marijean Storlie, ECFE Director

Hutchinson Health Laboratory

Phlebotomy/Bone Marrow Carts
Grant Amount $3,207

“The current carts have not held up due to high volume of use, which causes them to be loud and disruptive as they are pushed down non-carpeted hallways. New phlebotomy carts that are quiet and provide a flat surface for bedside barcoding equipment will allow us to honor our organization’s desire to create a healing and calming environment in the new inpatient unit. A third cart is being requested to house bone marrow and therapeutic phlebotomy supplies for the discrete transportation of specimens and supplies between oncology and the laboratory.” – Laura Templin-Howk, Laboratory Manager

McLeod Education and Drug Awareness

Needle Collection
Grant Amount $2,000

“MEADA’s Needle Take Back Day creates a safe way to dispose of needles/sharps that would otherwise end up in landfills and pollute our communities. Last year, more than 400 pounds of sharps were collected and safely disposed of. By hosting these take back days, it is our goal to get sharps/needs (used or unused) out of homes; we are also educating our community on proper disposal of sharps and keeping them out of the hands of people who they were not intended for.” – Susan Suemnick, MEADA Chair


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