Announcing Our 2020 Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship recipients! We are proud of their hard work and accomplishments and look forward to sharing updates from them as they pursue a degree in health care.
  • Hutchinson Health Employee Child – Marit Walsh
  • Hutchinson Health Employee Child – Sarah Skrove
  • Hutchinson Health Graduate Student – Elyssa Hoversten
  • Hutchinson Health Graduate Student – Katherine Fink
  • Dr. Josh and Dr. Erin Knudtson Scholarship – Grace Daak
  • Dr. Josh and Dr. Erin Knudtson Scholarship – Alyssa Grutt
  • Hutchinson High School – Connor Sturges
  • Dassel/Cokato High School – Jackson Martin
  • BLHS High School – Sara Kottke
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Grateful Donors – Community Donations Support Health Care Workers

The COVID pandemic has been life-changing for everyone, and our local health care workers have worked tirelessly through it all to keep our community safe and healthy. Local businesses, organizations and individuals have rallied around Hutchinson Health employees to show support and gratitude. Every donation, whether a monetary gift or pizza for staff, has made a big impact in showing the strength of positive actions and coming together as a community.

Andrew Miner, a donor to the COVID-19 Response & Relief Fund said, “I wanted to give back to a community that supported me growing up, and to inspire cherish-able acts, no matter how big or small they make an impact. It’s about community and family, and how we can support each other in times of need.” 

We would also like to thank the following individuals, groups and businesses who boosted the spirits of Hutchinson Health team members by making generous donations:

  • 3M – 1,000 N95 & R95 masks
  • TigerBots with funding from the IJ Burich Foundation –  constructed face shields for health care workers
  • Steve Kropp – State Farm – complimentary entree at Qdoba for health care workers
  • Shad Ketcher – New Era Financial – 50 free meals from Zellas for health care workers 
  • William “Bo” Young – American Family Insurance – pizza for health care workers
  • Dominos Hutchinson – 10 free pizzas for staff
  • Ridgewater College – ventilator 
  • Hutchinson Area Women of Today – treats and snacks for front line staff
  • Nichols Family – made and donated hundreds of face masks 
  • All donors to the COVID-19 Response & Relief Fund – every dollar makes a difference!
  • All who donated PPE during drop-off donation hours









Thank you to all who have donated to support our local health care workers during the COVID pandemic. We will get through this by continuing to work together and will come out the other side a stronger, healthier community!  

If you are interested in learning more about donation opportunities, please email or call Rachel Gemuenden at 320.484.4438.

Grateful Recipient – New Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit

In June 2020, Hutchinson Health shared a virtual open house with the community to showcase the new inpatient unit and to describe how the new space will be used. This 17,600 square foot, 18 room addition not only changes the exterior landscape of the Hutchinson Health facility, but it was designed around our mission to improve health and well-being in partnership with our members, patients and community.

As Hutchinson Health President Jim Lyons states in the video, the addition was a team effort. We want to thank each and every donor who helped make this vision a reality.  We have raised over $145,000 towards the Inpatient Unit, and we are on track to raise $230,000 towards this project by the end of 2020. The financial support of community members and local businesses shows a commitment to health and wellness in Hutchinson and the surrounding communities. We are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Learn more about the project. 

Quarter 1, 2020

In this Edition:

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Grateful Recipient – Jim Lyons on Behalf of Hutchinson Health

On behalf of the employees of Hutchinson Health, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the donations in support of our fight against COVID-19 infections. The PPE donations, hand sewn masks, meals, treats, cards and letters of support have been incredible. The Hutchinson Health staff are committed to being here and serving our community when you need us most. The support from the community with these supplies and show of support provide a boost for everyone as this work continues on.

Health care is personal, delivered one person at a time by real people. We use science and technology, but combine it with compassion that can only come from people. We call this Head + Heart, Together. We need both, which is why health care should be provided in the local community whenever possible, with people who live here. We are taking care of our friends, neighbors and families. And with the donations coming back from the community, they are taking care of us. When I walk down a corridor and see the different colors of the donated masks, I am reminded that each one was made individually, with the same care and commitment we bring to those who need us. It is a great reminder of the wonderful partnership we have with our community members.

With deepest appreciation and gratitude, we say “Thank you” for all the support.

Donate today to support the New COVID-19 Response & Relief Fund.

A Message from Grateful Donors – The Nichols Family

A Note from Sheila Nichols, sister of Hutchinson Health’s Dr. Stacy Nichols

As always, when you give a part of yourself to a worthy organization, you get back tenfold.  During these tumultuous times, you need to lend a hand any way you can.  There is distance between us, but there is no lack of unity in our fight to overcome this and become a stronger nation because of it.

~ Sheila Nichols

Donna Nichols

On March 13th we took our parents out of their senior apartment and moved them into our house in Plymouth.  All four kids felt this was imperative as we had seen the heartbreaking photos of Seattle where the seniors were locked inside with no visitors.  Our timing was early, and a bit of a surprise to our parents.  We said to each other that it was better early as by the time it was too late, it was way too late.  We were able to take their recliners, clothes, meds, etc.  And, gave us enough time to return for forgotten items while we could still move freely about the building.  Due to Mom and Dad (Donna and Steve Nichols) underlying health issues at 87 and 88 years old, we knew that COVID 19 would not be kind to them.  We quarantined ourselves starting that day and have had everything delivered to us since then.

Watching the news on the television is daunting.  You can see too much, yet you cannot turn away.  We sit here in our big, comfortable house.  We are warm, we are fed, we are among loved ones, yet the world seems to be turning upside down.  We enjoy the bald eagle and swans in the back yard, seeing the neighbor kids play in the street.  It all seems so surreal – can it be true?  The more we watch, the more helpless we felt.  Mom and Dad remember WWII when they were children.  They tell of picking milkweed pods and cattails to make life preservers for the sailors.  They talk about saving and flattening aluminum cans, silver gum wrappers and victory gardens.  It changed their world forever, as this will change ours.

Steve Nichols

Then we learn of the shortage of PPE, which should never happen in the greatest country in the world.  But, it has.  We not only have healthcare workers without protection, but we have new warriors out there – shopping, selling and delivering – with no protection.  When we heard about organizations asking for homemade masks we knew this was something we could do.  We immediately rallied behind the initiative and cleaned out our own stashes of cotton fabric and elastic.  We quickly ordered another sewing machine and more materials on the internet.  We began our own war effort in our dining room in Plymouth.  Dad carefully cuts the elastic to the correct length.  Mom sews the masks from the fabric I have cut – alternating from the sewing machine to resting her legs while she turns them inside out.  The count is up to 500 and still going strong.  New fabric arrives weekly – giving us something to look forward to.  We love the pictures of friends and healthcare workers wearing the masks.  It gives us joy to see that we are making a tiny difference.

My sister, Dr. Stacy Nichols, works for Hutchinson Health.  She told us that the Foundation had started collecting masks for use in non patient facing positions and for all people entering the nursing homes.  They were in need.  We were honored to be able to support such a wonderful organization, and one that is so close to our hearts – part of the family. Recognizing that it was probably more difficult to get donations outside of the city; yet the need might be even greater due to the limited supply. Supporting Stacy made us proud.  We have focused our donation efforts on organizations that we as a family touch personally.

There are fancier masks out there, but we are staying with what we know. We sew every day, but not all day.  We enjoying seeing the piles grow and have a sense of accomplishment when we can ship them out.  But, the most joy is seeing a picture of someone actually wearing the mask.  Our little way to help.

As always, when you give a part of yourself to a worthy organization, you get back tenfold.  During these tumultuous times, you need to lend a hand any way you can.  There is distance between us, but there is no lack of unity in our fight to overcome this and become a stronger nation because of it.

If you are interested in learning more about donation opportunities, please email or call Rachel Gemuenden at 320.484.4438

Quarter 4, 2019

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Grateful Recipient – New Inpatient Unit

The average inpatient Medical/Surgical/Intensive Care census at Hutchinson Health today is 10 – 15 patients. The profile of those patients is very different than it was in the 1970s. There is an increase in the acutely ill, and those who require continuous monitoring and a much higher intensity of nursing and ancillary services such as lab and radiology.

 The current inpatient structure and rooms were built for 1970s-era patients, not for today’s. The size of the current rooms, 150 square feet, does not comfortably accommodate all the needs of today’s patients. The monitoring and equipment needed did not exist in the 1970s. Our patients and staff are squeezed tight, not to mention families and visitors.

 The new inpatient Medical/Surgical/Intensive Care wing has been carefully designed to meet today’s needs. The number of beds – 18 with the ability to expand to 22 – are in line with projections for the needs of our community and region. The size of the rooms – averaging 300 square feet – is designed to safely and comfortably meet the needs of patients, families and staff. This project will truly transform inpatient care.

It is the goal of Hutchinson Health, in collaboration with HealthPartners, to expand the local availability of state-of-the-art primary and specialty care as a regional center. Every philanthropic dollar raised for this project is a dollar Hutchinson Health can redirect to further that goal. Donations earmarked for this project will directly advance Hutchinson Health’s mission: To Improve Health and Well-Being in Partnership with our Members, Patients and Community.

Donate today to support the New Inpatient Unit.

A Message from Grateful Donors – Dr. David & Cara Mach

Dr. David & Cara Mach at the 2019 Moonlight Masquerade Gala

Dr. David and Cara Mach are proud to have made Hutchinson home with their young children. The community’s generosity and the support that is offered to many different organizations, including the Hutchinson Health Foundation, is what makes them most proud of working and living in Hutchinson. 

“A community that selflessly gives to others is something we are proud to be a part of, and we believe that organizations like the Foundation can and will act to serve a larger purpose in our community,” says Cara.

The Machs choose to direct their time and financial resources to the Foundation because, “Organizations like the Foundation offer avenues for people or groups in our community to have access to more opportunities. The Foundation’s vision for aiding our community’s needs is in line with the values we admire and strive for.” 

For the Machs, keeping health care local is vital because they feel a strong a vibrant health care system will continue to enhance Hutchinson, promote better health and increase the quality of life for those in Hutchinson and the surrounding area. 

Thank you, Machs, for your generosity!

If you are interested in learning more about our donation opportunities, please email or call Rachel Gemuenden at 320.484.4438

Hutchinson Health Foundation Gala Benefits NEW! Inpatient Unit

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Rachael Gemuenden, Foundation Director
Phone: 320.484.4443

Hutchinson, MN – November 16, 2019

Inpatient Unit East View Rendering










The Hutchinson Health Foundation Gala is a biennial event. Fundraising, food, and fun encompass the goals of the evening. This year is pivotal for Hutchinson Health and the Foundation as we are raising funds for a NEW Inpatient Unit.

The current medical/surgical floor has been providing exceptional care in a limited location. Current inpatient rooms are roughly 144 sq. ft; the new inpatient unit will not only provide a larger footprint for patients but also a room that is able to adjust to the patient’s medical needs. To meet the growing needs of the Hutchinson community and surrounding areas, Hutchinson Health has committed to creating a NEW Inpatient Unit that will allow for the changing patient demands. The new facility will double the square footage of each room allowing for patient, staff, and family zones. These zones will allow for an improved patient and family experience.

Meeting the expectations of our patients and their families and efficiency of service and staff are the guiding principles behind Hutchinson Health’s NEW Inpatient Unit. With the new unit, the entire experience of an inpatient stay will be as pleasant and streamlined as possible. Being hospitalized isn’t typically a pleasurable experience, which is why each room is especially designed to create a comfortable and healing atmosphere with the latest technology.

Hutchinson Health Foundation seeks to raise $500,000 over the next two years to help fund the construction, technology and furnishing of the state-of-the-art Hutchinson Health Inpatient Unit. This fundraising goal is managed by the hospital’s Foundation Board comprised of local and regional leaders.

Event Details

Who: Hutchinson Health Foundation (HHF)

What: Hutchinson Health Foundation’s Gala- (Moonlight Masquerade)

Where: Crow River Winery

When: Saturday, November 16th

The HHF Gala begins with a VIP Party at 5:00 pm for VIP ticket holders. The event comprises of a silent auction beginning at 5:00 pm, a social hour beginning at 6:00 pm, dinner by Chef Craig at 7:00 pm, live auction beginning at 8:00 pm, and entertainment provided by the band Shirts and Skins beginning at 9:00 pm.

All are welcome!

If you are interested in attending and supporting this worthy cause, tickets can be purchased here:

For more information contact : Rachael Gemuenden at 320-484-4443 or