A Message From One of Our Grateful Donors – Citizens Bank & Trust

The Citizens Bank & Trust Business Team from left to right: Anthony Hanson, Tim Ulrich, Buzz Burich, and Mike Cannon

If you have resided in Hutchinson for any length of time, you most likely have been impacted by one of the numerous organizations, facilities and community events that Citizens Bank & Trust supports. It’s no secret that they love this community, and want to see it thrive. The Foundation has been thankful to have their support as an Annual Event Sponsor for many years.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Cannon to discuss why he and the Bank continually support the Foundation and our endeavors. He shared the following:

“We feel our community has a lot to offer, which includes good industry, education and health care. All of these are a vital component to a strong community, and something we take into consideration when making donations. The Bank wishes to aid in enhancing the health care offering in the community with our donations; and we believe gifts directly to the Foundation are the best route for us to support our local health care. After all, having a strong health care system truly helps the community grow and prosper.”

We can’t thank organizations like Citizens Bank & Trust enough for helping us stay successful in our efforts to carry through our mission.

If you are interested in exploring more about becoming an annual event sponsor or event sponsorship, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at rgemuenden@hutchhealth.com or 320.484.4438

A Message From One of Our Grateful Donors – The Fortuns’

Longterm Foundation Supporters Wayne and Terry Fortun

Long-term Foundation Supporters Wayne and Terry Fortun

While we are extremely grateful for each and every donor that supports the Foundation, we feel exceptionally blessed for our relationships with long-term donors. Their support and commitment to our cause and efforts year after year are invaluable. Wayne and Terry Fortun fall into that donor group, and recently blessed the foundation with a very substantial donation to the new Cancer Center. We had the opportunity to sit down with Wayne and Terry to learn more about what drives their desire to support our organization. Wayne shared the following:

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Helping Hutch Health and Health Care Thrive

A message from our grateful donors – The E-Stars

E-Star Employees participating in the Winter Olympics Relay. Hutchinson Health Staff is set to raise over $56,000 in 2018.

E-Star Employees participating in the Winter Olympics Relay. Hutchinson Health Staff is set to raise over $56,000 in 2018.

The Foundation is fortunate to have several donor groups who support our mission and efforts on a continual basis. The Hutchinson Health E-Stars is one such group, and their commitment to the Foundation has a large impact that is felt throughout the community. Through the E-Star (employee giving) program, employees are able to make one-time or recurring gifts, payroll deductions and PTO contributions.  In the past five years our E-Stars have donated over $200,000 to the Foundation! The funds foster our grant and scholarship programs, and 2017 and 2018 funds will be applied towards the new Cancer Center.

We recently sat down for a quick Q&A with 2 Hutchinson Health Employee E-Stars – Kara Neubarth, Clinics and RT Operation Services Manager, and Stefanie Frank, Medical Staff & Accreditation Specialist. We wanted to learn why they choose to participate in this program, and what impact they believe doing so has on our community. [Read more…]

Our Grateful Donors – Guests Of Our 2017 Havana Nights Gala

Guests of our 2017 Havana Nights Gala

Guests of our 2017 Havana Nights Gala

If you are a regular reader of our quarterly newsletters you know that each quarter we feature one of our many Grateful Donors that make our work possible. As we sat down to plan this quarter’s newsletter, it was shortly after our Havana Nights Gala, held on November 18th. The energy and support we felt in the room that night was still fresh in our minds, and we realized it was nearly impossible to feature just ONE donor this month. Instead we wanted to take a moment to recognize EACH and every ONE of our guests that attended.  That night would not have been such an amazing success without the time donated by our Gala committee members to make it such a fun evening for so many – we had a record setting attendance! Nor could it have been such a success without the financial donations from all of our guests that evening.  The evening raised $121,161 in proceeds (more than double the $52,035 raised at the 2015 Grand Slam Gala)! 

Going into the Gala we had some pretty lofty goals, and we anticipated that it would be a great night of fundraising for the new Cancer Center, to which that night’s proceeds are going. And while we were confident and optimistic about the evening, we were deeply moved by your generous support during the Fund-A-Need. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend that evening, Auctioneer Jim Fahey commanded the room with a very moving presentation, and a simple question “If you, or someone you know, life has been touched by cancer, won’t you consider helping fund just a half a square foot of the new Center?” To do so, all the attendees needed to do was raise 1 finger for each $250 donation they wished to pledge. The number of fingers that went up across the room…well there aren’t really words to describe it. It was inspiring to say the least. So to our donors that night – THANK YOU – what a fantastic kick off to move us along in this capital campaign! Thank you for your donations, and thank you for your continued support.

Our Amazing Donors

If you wish you could have participated in the fund-a-need that night, it isn’t too late. You can still make a donation to the new Cancer Center at Hutchinson Health by clicking the button below. With a $250 gift you are directly responsible for funding half a square foot in the new center and able to be a part of a great and impactful cause.

Make a Donation


A Message From Our Grateful Donors – The Lueneburgs

Circle of Friends Members Brad and Jeri Lueneburg

Circle of Friends Members Brad and Jeri Lueneburg

The Foundation would cease to function, and cease to serve our community without the help of some very key players. Our dedicated Board members and our loyal donors just happen to be two that play a very vital part in our existence, and supporting the advancement of health care excellence through philanthropy. This quarter we would like to take moment and recognize the Lueneburgs, who happen to fulfill both of these roles. Brad has served on our Board since 2009, and both he and his wife Jeri support the foundation financially as members of our Circle of Friends Donor Program. In addition, they operate a locally owned pharmacy which helps further foster health in our community.

We recently sat down with the Lueneburgs to learn what drives them to give their gifts of both time and money to organizations such as the Foundation. Brad shared the following: [Read more…]

A Message From One of Our Grateful Donors – Cash Wise

Cash Wise Hutchinson

Cash Wise is a hole sponsor for our upcoming 26th Annual Scramble For Life Golf Tournament

We recently sat down with Glenn Woelfel, the Store Director for Cash Wise Foods in Hutchinson to discuss why he and his business continually support the Foundation and our endeavors. When working on our numerous fundraising events, Glenn and Cash Wise have always been extremely open to helping out in numerous ways. In fact, Cash Wise Foods is a hole sponsor for the 26th Annual Scramble for Life Golf Tournament coming up in August, and has been an avid supporter of our Annual Share N’ Care Dinner and Gala events as well.

When we asked Glenn why he and Cash Wise are ardent supporters of the Foundation, he shared the following: [Read more…]

Thank You to Our E-Stars

In February, we wrapped up another successful year of our Employee Giving Campaign at Hutchinson Health. Our employee’s are set to donate over $52,000 in 2017! And in the past 5 years, they have raised over $200,000! These funds build our scholarship and grant programs, and are essential to the work we do. A huge thank you to our E-Stars who make this possible!

Thank you to our E-Stars!

A Message From One of Our Grateful Donors – The Schiermans’

Circle of Friends Members Mark & Wendy Schierman

Circle of Friends Members Mark & Wendy Schierman

We recently sat down with Wendy Schierman, a long-time donor to the Foundation, to learn more about why she and her husband Mark continue to be avid supporters of our efforts. The Schiermans’ are not only active in our Circle of Friends Donor Club, but in addition Wendy, and her business Genesis Salon & EnsoSpa, are an event sponsor for our upcoming Share N’ Care Dinner. Hospice is an area she holds near and dear to her heart. [Read more…]

E-Star Committee Members & Donors – Anna Harvala & Amy McKay

E-Star Committee Members Amy McKay Anna Harvala

E-Star Committee Members Amy McKay Anna Harvala

A man of humanity is one who…desiring attainment for himself, helps others to attain.
– Confucius

It was with that thought in mind, and the realization we had a powerful and important group of donors right here at home, that the Hutchinson Health Foundation launched our E-Star Campaign and Giving Program in 2004.

With the E-Star Campaign, employees of companies and organizations are invited to contribute to the Hutchinson Health Foundation through automatic payroll deduction. We encourage employers to get involved by committing to match the donations of their employees.

Donations are directed to the Foundation’s general fund which supports the areas of greatest need in Hutchinson Health. [Read more…]

Patrons of Promise Members – The Thiemanns

Jillian and Brandon Thiemann

Patrons of Promise Members Jillian and Brandon Thiemann

In a continued effort to open doors that invite additional members of our community to promote excellence through philanthropy,  the Foundation developed a new Donor Club this past year called Patrons of Promise. While we can tell you all about the benefits of becoming a Patron of Promise, we thought you’d rather hear what this program does for the community from actual members instead. Below you will find Brandon and Jillian Thiemanns’ story. [Read more…]