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A message from one of our grateful recipients – Wheel & Cog Children’s Museum of Hutchinson

Board Member Gail Gillard, Wheel & Cog Founder Jessica Sabrowsky, and Foundation Director Cary Linder

Board Member Gail Gillard, Wheel & Cog Founder Jessica Sabrowsky, and Foundation Director Cary Linder

What has the Hutchinson Health Foundation been up to? Recently, we had the opportunity to grant $3,920 to the Wheel and Cog Children’s Museum of Hutchinson for their brand new “Backyard Explorers Exhibit”.

Jessica Sabrowsky, founder of the Wheel & Cog, shared how the Foundation grant supported a large portion of the new exhibit build, designed to provide an interactive indoor-outdoor experience for your little explorer, pilot or camper!

Sabrowsky explained:

“With the funding we have been able to bring an exhibit that serves as a platform for a lower sensory room with aspects that bring out nature. We tried to mimic parts of the Masonic River Front with the park, river, bridge or dock, and features that museum guests might encounter in their environment such as songbirds, rabbits, and outdoor hideaways. We feature large body play equipment such as a conveyor slide, and an airplane teeter totter that seats 7! It is delightful to know that the Hutchinson Health Foundation strongly supports the efforts of Wheel and Cog.”

With the addition of this new exhibit and larger space she went on to share that they have seen the time spent playing increase; as well as an overall increase in interest and awareness in the museum.

“We have had a TON of positive feedback, and have seen some days hitting over 100 guests, driving our total guest visits over 9,000 within a 12 month period! We had 1,251 guests which includes those who came out to our FREE play night 6/22/2017. To give an idea of growth, this same time frame last year saw under 300 guests.”

When asked why it is important to keep health care local in our community, Jessica mentioned that:

“Having access to local care within the community fosters a community that is healthier. It fosters a community that can focus on health prevention and wellness! This also means the community can get medical help and advice if needed in a timely manner. This better allows them to help strategize and prioritize items like results of a community needs assessment survey, help tailor programing, and impact the design and message we are able to deliver within the community at strategic points such as the museum!”

If you are interested in learning how to apply for a Foundation grant, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at rgemuenden@hutchhealth.com or 320.484.4438.

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