Foundation Donor Dr. Noel Collis

We recently sat down with Dr. Noel Collis, a relatively newer donor to the Foundation, and Internal Medicine Specialist with Hutchinson Health.  When asked about why it was important to him to give his gifts of time and treasure, along with why he chose the Foundation to be a grateful beneficiary, he shared the following:

“I enjoy being a part of the Hutchinson Health team, and providing quality care to patients here gives me great joy. I chose to support the Foundation because of the trust and integrity I find here.  The Foundation is an important partner to Hutchinson Health, and continually raises funds to better the organization for the patients we serve. As a result of their efforts, we see an advancement of healthcare options and services available within the local community.” 

Dr. Collis summed it up by saying:

“I work in many different communities, but enjoy the positive energy that seems to surround Hutchinson Health and the community it serves.”

If you are interested in exploring more about what a donation from you means for the Foundation and our community, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at or 320.484.4438