General Endowment Fund

The Hutchinson Health Foundation Endowment Fund provides a permanent source of funds for capital purchases, while also advancing the mission of Hutchinson Health.

The Hutchinson Health Foundation General Endowment Fund is a quasi-endowment or board-directed fund that functions like an endowment fund without any statutory requirement to hold the funds in perpetuity. Prior to accepting any gift to the general endowment fund, the Foundation Director and the donor shall discuss the purposes in which the donation may be used, and the donor shall be advised that there are no restrictions to be placed on the donor’s gift other than those imposed either by statute, organizational policies, or auditing standards.

Donors wishing to make gifts with restrictions shall be encouraged to create a true endowment fund. In all cases, the Foundation will not undertake to provide legal, financial planning, or tax advice to donors.

An endowment is a permanent asset of an organization that is invested to earn income. Endowment building and management are very important for nonprofits and foundations. An endowment fund will allow our  organization to maintain our programs over a long period of time. Also, by managing the fund correctly, our organization will have the flexibility to survive during times of economic downturn. The importance of endowments remain strong across the nonprofit community.

For more information on endowments and how to make a donation to a program such as our general endowment fund, please contact Rachael Gemuenden.