Grateful Donors – Community Donations Support Health Care Workers

The COVID pandemic has been life-changing for everyone, and our local health care workers have worked tirelessly through it all to keep our community safe and healthy. Local businesses, organizations and individuals have rallied around Hutchinson Health employees to show support and gratitude. Every donation, whether a monetary gift or pizza for staff, has made a big impact in showing the strength of positive actions and coming together as a community.

Andrew Miner, a donor to the COVID-19 Response & Relief Fund said, “I wanted to give back to a community that supported me growing up, and to inspire cherish-able acts, no matter how big or small they make an impact. It’s about community and family, and how we can support each other in times of need.” 

We would also like to thank the following individuals, groups and businesses who boosted the spirits of Hutchinson Health team members by making generous donations:

  • 3M – 1,000 N95 & R95 masks
  • TigerBots with funding from the IJ Burich Foundation –  constructed face shields for health care workers
  • Steve Kropp – State Farm – complimentary entree at Qdoba for health care workers
  • Shad Ketcher – New Era Financial – 50 free meals from Zellas for health care workers 
  • William “Bo” Young – American Family Insurance – pizza for health care workers
  • Dominos Hutchinson – 10 free pizzas for staff
  • Ridgewater College – ventilator 
  • Hutchinson Area Women of Today – treats and snacks for front line staff
  • Nichols Family – made and donated hundreds of face masks 
  • All donors to the COVID-19 Response & Relief Fund – every dollar makes a difference!
  • All who donated PPE during drop-off donation hours









Thank you to all who have donated to support our local health care workers during the COVID pandemic. We will get through this by continuing to work together and will come out the other side a stronger, healthier community!  

If you are interested in learning more about donation opportunities, please email or call Rachel Gemuenden at 320.484.4438.

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