Grateful Recipient – Hospice

The Share ‘N Care Dinner, one of our longest standing events, benefits hospice in our community and the services that are provided, including massage therapy and music therapy. Massage therapist Lara Fletcher and music therapist Anna Covington share their insights, experiences and gratitude:

Pain is an emotional experience as well as a physical experience. Using instrumental music as well as lyrical music to address pain can be very effective. Music has a way of breaking through walls that are built up from disease or other physical changes to the brain; when we break through those walls we often are able to see our loved ones again in a way we haven’t because of that physical illness. This is why music therapy is so beneficial for caregivers as well…We work to create a comforting, healing environment for them to connect.
I absolutely love my position in Hospice and am privileged to be able to provide the whole person end of life care that our patients truly need and deserve.”  – Anna Covington
When a person’s medical care shifts from
cure to comfort, massage therapy and bodywork continue to be important components of whole person care. Massage therapy can provide comfort and relaxation to muscles and alleviate symptoms of pain. Patients who relax with massage therapy have decreased feelings or symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Massage therapy provides touch during a time of life when illness and decline contribute to feelings of isolation. Working as a hospice massage therapist is the highlight of my massage therapy career. I am grateful for the opportunity to provide this therapy to patients in the Hutchinson area!” – Lara Fletcher
Read the full interview with Lara and Anna here.


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