Hutchinson Health

The Foundation engages donors to assist Hutchinson Health in its mission to advance health with our community.

Hutchinson Health Foundation serves as a bridge connecting Hutchinson Health and our family of donors. We work to match each donor with the needs of the health care community. The Foundation supports projects, educational programs, equipment and related services that need extra funding. The Foundation strives to support these needs.

In the past 3 years, by the generosity of donors, the Hutchinson Health Foundation was able to fund the following extraordinary grant requests:

    • Joe Jorgensen and the new adult intubation head

      EMT Joe Jorgensen pictured with the new adult intubation head

      Contributed $4,203.00 to the Hutchinson Health Medical Surgical and Intensive Care Unit for the acquisition of airway management training manikins. This equipment allows for staff to practice ongoing and up-to-date training in airway management techniques.

    • Granted $9,902.00 to the Hutchinson Health Intensive Care and Medical Surgical Unit to purchase additional heart monitoring telemetry with a high performance transmitter that supports bedside heart monitoring in any location in the hospital.
    • Supported the provision of therapeutic music to patients in the Hutchinson Health Inpatient Mental Unit with the funding of $2,500.00 to purchase iPod’s.
    • Panda Warmer, Zoom Cart, and Fetal Heart Monitor that are now being utilized in the Hutchinson Health Birth Care Center

      Panda Warmer, Zoom Cart, and Fetal Heart Monitor that are now being utilized in the Hutchinson Health Birth Care Center

      Raised $52,035 to fund the purchase of three new pieces of equipment for the BirthCare department; a fetal monitor, zoom cart, and panda warmer.

    • Contributed $10,000.00 in funding to the Hutchinson Health Pediatric Care Service Area to aid in the creation of a pediatric sensory gymnasium. The sensory gym will improve the atmosphere and expand upon the rehabilitation services offered to children in need of therapy.
    • Supported the refurbishment of two regular patient care rooms into a Family Care Suite and the Birchwood House Legacy Patient Special Care Suite. These suites provide an updated and comfortable space for patients with special care needs, as well as a separate private space for family and friends to spend time while remaining in close proximity to the patient room. The entire project cost was $98,000.00 and the funds utilized were part of the proceeds from the sale of the Birchwood Hospice house.
    • Brandon Thiemann, CRNA demonstrating how the AccuVein works.

      Brandon Thiemann, CRNA demonstrating how the AccuVein works.

      Funded the purchase of two AccuVein AV 400 Vein Illumination devices for a total of $10,564.00. The AccuVein, a mobile device that can be used in any area of the hospital or clinic, allows the health care provider to visualize veins that previously could not be seen. As a result, this tool shortens the placement of IV therapy or medications, ultimately improving upon the IV starting experience and resulting in a more positive patient experience.

    • Awarded Hutchinson Health Radiology an $11,500 grant to remodel their outdated waiting area to better accommodate patients.
  • Provided $2,000 to the Hutchinson Health Primary Care Nursing Conference to provide additional education for nurses throughout Minnesota.

In addition, since it’s inception, the Foundation has also funded and supported some instrumental projects that have greatly enhanced the level of health care provided in our community includ:

  • Renovation of the Medical/Surgical Waiting Room
  • Renovation of the family waiting area in Birth Care
  • Hugs & Kisses Infant Security System
  • Building of Harmony River Living Center
  • McLeod County Senior Expo
  • Mental Health Services bus token program
  • Inpatient Mental Health Recreational Equipment