Patrons of Promise Members – The Thiemanns

Jillian and Brandon Thiemann

Patrons of Promise Members Jillian and Brandon Thiemann

In a continued effort to open doors that invite additional members of our community to promote excellence through philanthropy,  the Foundation developed a new Donor Club this past year called Patrons of Promise. While we can tell you all about the benefits of becoming a Patron of Promise, we thought you’d rather hear what this program does for the community from actual members instead. Below you will find Brandon and Jillian Thiemanns’ story. In addition to being Patrons of Promise Members, Brandon also serves on the Foundation Board.

“One of the things we find a lot of satisfaction in, is the pride and sense of unity our community demonstrates. There’s a continued sense of everyone pulling together to make it a healthier place to reside, and keeping health care local allows the flexibility to further support this healthy atmosphere and vibe.

To us, it was clear the the Hutchinson Health Foundation is continually moving towards the same goals, and we could see the direct results of their efforts. It simply made sense to us to donate not only dollars, but also time to the Foundation, as we feel our contributions have a direct impact on the community in which we live and work.

When friends and family ask us why we chose to be a Patrons of Promise member, we tell them the best part is the opportunity to be a part of an organization that positively affects changes in our community.”

If you are interested in exploring more about the Patron of Promise Donor Club, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at or 320.484.4438