Planned Giving

Pave the way for the future of health care in our community through planned giving.

A planned gift is any major gift, made in a lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and or estate planning. Whether a donor uses cash, appreciated securities/stock, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance, a retirement plan, etc., the benefits of funding a planned gift can make this type of charitable giving very attractive to both donor and charity.

Three types of planned gifts

  1. Outright gifts that use appreciated assets as a substitute for cash
  2. Gifts that return income or other financial benefits to the donor in return for the contribution
  3. Gifts payable upon the donor’s death

Planned gifts also give back—and can help you prepare for your future. They can allow you to take size-able income, gift, and estate tax deductions and provide favorable capital gains tax treatment. They can provide income for you and your loved ones for life. Planned gifts allow you to leave a legacy that fits your philanthropic goals.

If you are considering Hutchinson Health Foundation for a planned gift, contact Rachael Gemuenden to receive some helpful planning tools.