Quarter 3, 2017 Newsletter

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Message From the Director

Dear Friends of the Foundation,

Over the past few months Hutchinson Health staff, Wold Architects, and Krause Anderson Construction Management have been defining the details for a new and expanded Cancer Center. We are excited to see the results of that planning take shape. We are also very excited to come alongside and help provide funding resources to see the plan come to fruition.

The new Cancer Center will be relocated from its current space near the Hutchinson Health Clinic entrance to the lower level in the northwest corner of the hospital building. The Center will go from its current size of 1,750 square feet to 5,103 square feet. This new Center will have 3 dedicated exam rooms, 6 infusion/treatment rooms, and a large waiting/reception area. A procedure room where lab draws and biopsies are taken will also be included, allowing patients to have lab draws done without having to travel to another area of the hospital.

Patient experience is a key driver of the amenities placed in the Center. For example, nutrition stations are available for patients who require longer term stays for treatment and therapy. A private area is dedicated to calming and recovery, allowing patients sufficient time to transition from treatment prior to travel home. Extra space for family and friends who are part of a patient’s support network are also incorporated into the design.

Presently, the anticipated cost to build out this new center is estimated at $2.1 million. A capital campaign is underway to raise the money needed to fund this project in totality. 

I dare to say that we probably all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer – whether family or friend.  I would like to ask you to consider supporting this campaign effort with a donation to the Foundation directed to the Cancer Center.

Cary Linder, Hutchinson Health Foundation Director

It would be a pleasure for me to meet with anyone who is interested in learning more about the rehab project and might wish to discuss how and when a donation can be given.

Until next time, 

Cary Linder
Director | Hutchinson Health Foundation


2017 Gala – Havana Nights

Hutchinson Health Foundation Gala, Saturday, November 18

There is still time to join us for our biennial Gala on Saturday, November 18th. This year’s theme, Havana Nights, is bound to be hot! Social hour begins at 6:00 PM, followed by dinner and entertainment from Big Toe and The Jam.

This year’s gala proceeds will support the new Cancer Clinic! The Foundation has a goal to raise $100,000 for this worthy capital campaign at this year’s event. Purchase your tickets below to take part in this fun evening filled with food, philanthropy, and friends.

Purchase your 2017 Gala Tickets Here

2017 Annual Scramble For Life Recap

We want to thank all of you who attended the 26th Annual Scramble For Life Golf Tournament held on August 14th.  It was a perfect day on the course with over 128 golfers in attendance this year. Thanks to the outstanding support from our golfers and event sponsors, the Foundation was able to raise $47,827.26, making it our most successful tournament yet! Funds raised at the Scramble for Life support the Foundation’s growing scholarship and granting funds.

Please save the date and mark your calendars for next year’s annual Scramble for Life Golf Tournament which will be held on Monday, August 13, 2018.

A Message From Our Grateful Donors

The Lueneburgs

Circle of Friends Members Brad and Jeri Lueneburg

Circle of Friends Members Brad and Jeri Lueneburg

The Foundation would cease to function, and cease to serve our community without the help of some very key players. Our dedicated Board members and our loyal donors just happen to be two that play a very vital part in our existence, and supporting the advancement of health care excellence through philanthropy. This quarter we would like to take moment and recognize the Lueneburgs, who happen to fulfill both of these roles. Brad has served on our Board since 2009, and both he and his wife Jeri support the foundation financially as members of our Circle of Friends Donor Program. In addition, they operate a locally owned pharmacy which helps further foster health in our community.

We recently sat down with the Lueneburgs to learn what drives them to give their gifts of both time and money to organizations such as the Foundation. Brad shared the following:

“Through my profession of being a pharmacist, health care is something that is very important to myself and my wife.  We recognize that supporting the Foundation is supporting health care for our entire community. In addition, we feel that giving is the backbone that helps these organizations thrive, which in turn helps our community thrive.  In general we find that area residents are extremely involved in many of the various organizations by giving of their time, talent, and money.  This makes the overall quality of life in this community something very special and something to be proud of. Giving to these organizations make us feel good about playing our part as well.”

When asked why keeping health care local was important to them, which is a mission the Foundation aims for, Brad stated:

“Keeping health care local is vital to a strong community and just makes plain sense.  We must have the resources close at hand to adequately respond to the community’s health care needs.”

As Brad will be retiring from our Board at the end of this year, we couldn’t help but ask him what his favorite part of being a HHF Board Member was, and he shared the following:

“Seeing how the Foundation has grown while I have been on the Board.  From Harmony River to all the various upgrades to Hutchinson Health’s programs and facilities that the Foundation has played a part in; it has been exciting being involved in it.”

With that we say THANK YOU Brad, for your service to the Board as well as your and Jeri’s loyalty to our Donor programs!

If you are interested in learning more about our Circle of Friends Program, other donation opportunities, or filling an open Board position in 2018, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at rgemuenden@hutchhealth.com or 320.484.4438.

A Message From One of Our Grateful Recipients – Wheel & Cog Children’s Museum

Engaging the community in interactive and imaginative play

Wheel & Cog Children's Museum Hutchinson, MN

Children enjoying the airplane teeter totter that seats 7!

What has the Hutchinson Health Foundation been up to? Recently, we had the opportunity to grant $3,920 to the Wheel and Cog Children’s Museum of Hutchinson for their brand new “Backyard Explorers Exhibit”.

Jessica Sabrowsky, founder of the Wheel & Cog, shared how the Foundation grant supported a large portion of the new exhibit build, designed to provide an interactive indoor-outdoor experience for your little explorer, pilot or camper!

Sabrowsky explained:

“With the funding we have been able to bring an exhibit that serves as a platform for a lower sensory room with aspects that bring out nature. We tried to mimic parts of the Masonic River Front with the park, river, bridge or dock, and features that museum guests might encounter in their environment such as songbirds, rabbits, and outdoor hideaways. We feature large body play equipment such as a conveyor slide, and an airplane teeter totter that seats 7! It is delightful to know that the Hutchinson Health Foundation strongly supports the efforts of Wheel and Cog.”

With the addition of this new exhibit and larger space she went on to share that they have seen the time spent playing increase, as well as an overall increase in interest and awareness in the museum.

“We have had a TON of positive feedback, and have seen some days hitting over 100 guests, driving our total guest visits over 9,000 within a 12 month period! We had 1,251 guests which includes those who came out to our FREE play night 6/22/2017. To give an idea of growth, this same time frame last year saw under 300 guests.”

When asked why it is important to keep health care local in our community, Jessica mentioned that:

“Having access to local care within the community fosters a community that is healthier. It fosters a community that can focus on health prevention and wellness! This also means the community can get medical help and advice if needed in a timely manner. This better allows them to help strategize and prioritize items like results of a community needs assessment survey and help tailor programing and impact the design and message we are able to deliver within the community at strategic points such as the museum!”

If you are interested in learning how to apply for a Foundation grant, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at rgemuenden@hutchhealth.com or 320.484.4438.

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