Quarter 3 Newsletter

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Message From the Director

Dear Friends,

Statistics I recently read online in a Forbes magazine blog post stated that 51% of Americans age 55 to 64 don’t have a last will and testament. The article further stated that 62% of those age 45 to 54, and 67% of women in that age category don’t have a will. The stats for those under 45 without a will are estimated to be much higher, some as high as 80%.

The article also gave stats relating to the question “Why don’t you have a will?”

  • 57% “just have not gotten around to making one yet”
  • 22% “making a will is not a priority” – in other words – “I have plenty of time left to get it done before I die”
  • 17% “I am not wealthy enough to need one”
  • 14% “I don’t like to think about my death”

Given the above statistics, I can only assume, that as you read this quarter’s newsletter, you may be one of those who have, for whatever reason, just not made an estate plan. Given that you are still reading this article, also indicates that you are a friend of the Foundation and the topic is important to you.

You might also be thinking that the intent of my sharing this topic is so that you might consider the Foundation as a benefactor in your estate plan. In all honesty I must admit “yes”.  Of course I would like you to consider the Foundation as a benefactor in your estate plan.  However, even more importantly, I am encouraging those of you who have, for whatever reason, not gotten it done to first “get er done”. Get your last will and testament documented. Make it simple but thorough. A simple statement written down, witnessed, signed and dated is a great start.

There are online resources available that are simple and cost as little as $35.00 to $70.00 to use their templated forms.

You should revisit it every 5 years or so to keep it current and to include assets as you accumulate them.

Many of you who are friends of the Hutchinson Health Foundation have a last will and testament document already created and a number of you have indicated to me personally your intent to include the Foundation as a benefactor. Let me first say “Thank you, very much”. Secondly, I would also encourage you to be sure that your current estate plan is up-to-date and you and your loved ones know where it is. Knock the dust off it, review it and update it as you see fit.

Lastly, I humbly ask, that if you have identified the Foundation as a benefactor of your estate, you consider letting me know. We have a space designated on the hospital lobby donor recognition wall where we recognize those “Legacy Gifts”.  We can acknowledge your intent, and at the same time your generosity will inspire others to do the same.Hutch Health Foundation Director Cary Linder

If you have any questions as to how to get the process started I hope you will give me a call and we can find a process that fits your needs best.

Until next time, 

Cary Linder
Director | Hutchinson Health Foundation

#Popp Goes GemuendenAnnual Giving Specialist Rachael Gemuenden

On September 10th, our own Annual Giving Specialist, Rachael, celebrated a major life milestone, as “Popp” went “Gemuenden”. (For those of you who follow Rachael on social media, you probably witnessed her clever hashtag #poppgoesgemuenden first hand as she shared some of the festivities.)

Rachael and her husband Dan tied the knot in Northern Minnesota at the lovely BWB Ranch. They could not have been blessed with a more perfect day!

We wish Rachael (who we jokingly refer to as Rachael G while we try to learn how to pronounce her new last name) and Dan a lifetime of love and happiness.

Save the Date!

The next $5 Jewelry Sale is November 30th!$5 Jewelry Sale

Join us for our upcoming $5 Masquerade Jewelry Sale, on Wednesday, November 30th, and help raise funds for the Foundation’s scholarship fund.

Always a lot of cute pieces, and priced at just $5/piece, they make great stocking stuffers!

Held in the Hospital’s main entrance from 10:00am – 5:00pm.

Learn More

Year End Appeal

As our Friends of the Foundation know, our mission is to engage donors to assist Hutchinson Health meet the health care needs of its patients, residents, and clients. Our purpose is to promote health care excellence through philanthropy, so that we can continue to share grateful recipient stories like the one below. None of that can be done without the generous support of our friends and donors like you.

Each November we conduct our annual year end appeal. We invite you to consider making a donation, whether it be joining or renewing in one of our Donor Clubs, as an Annual Event Sponsor, or a simple annual gift that will help fund our extraordinary grant requests that do great things for the community. Be on the lookout for a special message from us in November, and we encourage and thank you in advance for considering the Foundation.

A Message From Our Donors

The Thiemanns

Brandon And Jillian Thiemann

In a continued effort to open doors that invite additional members of our community to promote excellence through philanthropy,  the Foundation developed a new Donor Club this past year called Patrons of Promise. While we can tell you all about the benefits of becoming a Patron of Promise, we thought you’d rather hear what this program does for the community from actual members instead. Below you will find Brandon and Jillian Thiemanns’ story. In addition to being Patrons of Promise Members, Brandon also serves on the Foundation Board.

“One of the things we find a lot of satisfaction in, is the pride and sense of unity our community demonstrates. There’s a continued sense of everyone pulling together to make it a healthier place to reside, and keeping health care local allows the flexibility to further support this healthy atmosphere and vibe.

To us, it was clear the the Hutchinson Health Foundation is continually moving towards the same goals, and we could see the direct results of their efforts. It simply made sense to us to donate not only dollars, but also time to the Foundation, as we feel our contributions have a direct impact on the community in which we live and work.

When friends and family ask us why we chose to be a Patrons of Promise member, we tell them the best part is the opportunity to be a part of an organization that positively affects changes in our community.”

If you are interested in exploring more about the Patron of Promise Donor Club, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at rgemuenden@hutchhealth.com or 320.484.4438

The ‘New Faces’ of Hutchinson Health

A Message From One of Our Grateful Recipients

Joe Jorgensen and the new adult intubation headThe Foundation recently had the opportunity to approve a grant request for training tools and equipment that assist in team training and procedures for staff in the following departments: Emergency Services, BirthCare, Medical-Surgical, and Intensive Care.

The $4,203.50 in approved funds were applied towards the purchase of a neonatal simulation baby, a neonatal intubation head, and an adult intubation head. Simulation training is an essential part of emergency training for staff, and airway management is often a key component of emergencies. These tools, along with the different type of masks and tubes available allow for easier demonstration of airway clearing techniques, and lead to acquired confidence in skills and expertise necessary for successful emergency management.

Joe Jorgensen , ACLS and BLS Instructor for Hutchinson Health and a Paramedic for Allina Health took a few moments out of his busy and often chaotic schedule to provide some additional information on how the funding of these tools have a positive impact on those within our community.

“I was thrilled when I learned we would be receiving a donation from the Foundation for the purchase of updated equipment for practicing airway techniques.  The new mannequin is FANTASTIC! It was greatly needed. Our old equipment did not allow for proper airway management, or the using of skills to secure the airway.

The new adult intubation headupdated equipment will help us to better educate the Hutchison Health Staff and surrounding areas. Being able to practice and become competent at life saving techniques will prepare our responders and caregivers to apply them to real life situations, which in turn, directly helps our community by providing great health care. The opportunity to keep health care local gives people a sense of familiarity along with peace of mind that you can get great care in an emergency situation without having to travel out of our area.”


Dr. Erin Knudtson & family at the Annual Scramble for Life Golf TournamentWe wanted to take a quick moment to say Thank You to all who participated in the Annual Scramble for Life Golf Tournament held on Monday, August 8th, as well as our event sponsors. We had a beautiful day on the course and were able to raise a net income of $37,009.04. Funds raised at the Scramble for Life support the Foundation’s growing scholarship and granting funds.

We hope you will join us next year, and save the date for our next Annual Scramble for Life Tournament, which will be held Monday, August 14, 2017.

Make sure to check out the Foundation’s Facebook page for additional photos from the day’s festivities.