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Message From the Director

It has been said that the answer to the question “Why do people give” is “because they were asked” and the answer to “why do people give again” is “because they were thanked”.

Obviously, there are many other reasons and motivations for giving money to any nonprofit. When our personal values align with objectives of an organization, we are inclined to support those causes in whatever way we can. Sometimes that is by giving that organization money, sometimes it is giving them our time, and sometimes it is both.

What we support with treasure and time is an extension of ourselves and shows the world what we feel is important and necessary.

Also, most of us are not motivated by accolades or recognition, however, it is innate in all of us to feel appreciated and significant. Thus it is imperative that we as a charity recognize and thank those who support us.

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for your support of the Foundation. Because of you, the patients, clients and residents of Hutchinson Health, Harmony River Living Center and Allina Home Health and Hospice Care are better served. Because of you, people’s lives are changed and families are comforted by the fact that they have access to best care options available. You will never know the extent to which your contribution has affected the lives of so many and how many more will be affected in the future.

Looking back in time, allows me to see that since 2008, donors like you have given over $3.6M to the Foundation, and because of these donors the Foundation has been able to give over $2.3M to support capital purchases for those we exist to support. Words are not adequate to express the gratitude I have for all the donors who have allowed this to happen and who support Hutchinson Health Foundation.

We are excited by the opportunities that are on the horizon as we see care providers in our community plan for the future. We look forward to sharing that vision for the future with you,and as your value’s and our’s align to build an even stronger partnership between our donors and Hutchinson Health and its affiliates.

Thoreau wrote, “To have made one person’s life better, that is to succeed.”

Foundation Director, Cary LinderI hope today that you feel a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that by your gift you are making many lives better on a daily basis.

Thank you for support!
Cary Linder
Director | Hutchinson Health Foundation


It’s A Grand Slam

Grand Slam GalaWe invite you to join us for this year’s Grand Slam Gala, a biennial event that is a combination between fundraising and “friendraising.”

The 2013 Monte Carlo Gala was a successful event complete with casino games, and fun had by all. The evening raised $24,494 in proceeds, helping the Foundation further develop scholarship and granting funds.

This year’s Gala will be held at the Crow River Winery with catering by Zella’s, live entertainment by G.B Leighton, and both live and silent auctions. Proceeds from the evening will be going to support the purchase of new state of the art equipment for Hutchinson Health’s O.B. unit.  Including a Fetal Monitor, Zoom Cart, and Panda Warmer. This totals $52,000.

So please don your formal attire and join us for an evening of food, fun, and fundraising.

Reserve your tickets now by calling Rachael Popp at 320.484.4443 or purchase them online.

Upcoming Events

Hutchinson Health Foundation hosts several fundraising events throughout the year. Our annual events build the Foundation’s involvement levels while helping fund health care projects. We hope you consider joining us for one or more of these events!

Wednesday, December 2nd
Masquerade Jewelry Sale
Join us for the next $5 Masquerade Jewelry Sale, and help raise funds for the Foundation’s scholarship fund. Held in the Hospital’s main entrance from 10:00am – 5:00pm.
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A Message From One of Our Donors – Mary Inglis

Foundation Donors Tom and Mary Inglis with Granddaughter Lauren

Foundation Donors Tom and Mary Inglis with Granddaughter Lauren

We recently sat down with Mary Inglis, a longtime donor and advocate of the Foundation to learn more about why she has chosen to support the Foundation with both her treasure and time. Here are a few thoughts from Mary:

“For my husband Tom and I, it is important to give back and support our local community. It is a goal of ours to keep our community vital and strong. Supporting causes that work to strengthen and enhance, like those of the Foundation, are a favorite of ours.

The Foundation chooses to participate in so many worthy causes and objectives. Because of the Foundation’s support and generosity, local health care initiatives and priorities are continually supported and upgraded.  Harmony River is one such example.  The Foundation worked tirelessly to bring the dream of such a well-rounded and local senior facility to reality.”

When asked why keeping health care local was important to her, this is what Mary had to say:

“It is rewarding to see Hutchinson Health develop into a regional hub with so many services now available to our community and the surrounding area. Hutchinson Health is continually striving to be cutting edge and relevant, and I feel a solid health care identity is a source of pride and security. Our community can be confident in knowing that a substantial menu of services are available in Hutchinson, but that a wonderful range of specialized services are readily available if needed.

Having confidence in our health care allows people to locate in Hutchinson and trust they can be adequately attended to when health issues arise. These are just a few of the reasons why I have openly given of my time having previously served on the Foundation Board, as well as why my husband and I choose to participate in the Foundation’s Circle of Friends donor program.”

Message From One of Our Grateful Recipients – AccuVein


Brandon Thiemann, CRNA demonstrating how the AccuVein works.

The mission of the Foundation is to engage donors to assist Hutchinson Health in meeting the health care needs of its patients, residents, and clients. As a result, the Foundation has funded and supported countless health care programs at Hutchinson Health and within our community. Yet, we realize a lot of the work to match the intention of each donor with the needs of the health care community is done quietly behind the scenes. As a result, we want to be more forthright about sharing the stories from some of our grateful recipients.

We recently sat down with Brandon Thiemann, CRNA at Hutch Health, to discuss how a recent donation that made the purchase of an AccuVein possible and the impact it has had locally.  Here are a few thoughts from Brandon:

“Patients will often say having an IV started is the most stressful part of the hospital experience. I know many of us have had at least one experience where it took more than one try to get that IV placed. Thanks to the Foundation’s hard work and generosity, Hutchinson Health now has a device that makes this process easier, and greatly improves the chances of success on the first try! This device, known as AccuVein, has greatly enhanced the level of care we provide our patients at Hutchinson Health.


The AccuVein helping highlight the veins in Brandon’s hand

The AccuVein device is mobile and can be used in any area of the hospital or clinic. It allows the health care provider to visualize veins that previously could not be seen, ultimately improving the IV starting experience and resulting in a more positive patient experience.”

When asked why he feels it is important to keep health care local in our community, this is what Brandon had to say:

“We are a community-based hospital and clinic, and we absolutely pride ourselves on serving our community. Often, we care for our families, friends, relatives, and acquaintances at some of their most vulnerable times.  The community depends on us to provide the best possible care we can, and they need access to this care without long or impossible travel times.  Thanks to donations from the Foundation for devices like the AccuVein, we can greatly enhance the services offered and provide the absolute best care we can to our community, which is a win – win.”

A Special Thank You

Scramble Golf Tournament foursome

Golfers Marc Christianson, Dr. Steve Mulder, Greg Mulder, Dean Lindquist

We wanted to take a quick moment to say Thank You to all who participated in the Annual Scramble for Life Golf Tournament held on Monday, August 10th, as well as our event sponsors. We had a beautiful day on the course and were able to raise a net income of $40,347.00. Funds raised at the Scramble for Life support the Foundation’s growing scholarship and granting funds.

We hope you will join us next year, and save the date for our next Annual Scramble for Life Tournament, which will be held Monday, August 8, 2016.



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