Quarter 4 Newsletter

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Message From the Director

Dear HH Foundation Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce a landmark decision by our governing board. With a unanimous vote by our Board of Directors at our October 2016 Foundation board meeting, the establishment of a general endowment fund was approved.  The purpose of the endowment is to provide funds for capital purchases and to advance the mission of Hutchinson Health.

The creation of this endowment accomplishes at least two significant results.

One is, that a percentage of the fund value calculated each year can be used to fund grant requests that align with the purpose of the endowment. The idea is that the dollars donated to this fund will be invested and that those investment returns, minus the dollars granted, will keep the value of the account the same.

Secondly, is that the endowment provides donors with the opportunity to make a gift that keeps on giving. This goes hand in glove with the first, in that the value of the original dollars designated in the fund will remain in the fund for the indefinite future. So if you give $100.00 to the endowment, that money will be invested with the expectation it will produce a return and the return will be used to award grants – not the principle gift.

This second consequence means that anyone making a donation can designate their gift directly to the endowed fund. This gift will raise the value of the fund, which should raise the return amount of the investment and thereby make more dollars available to advance the mission of Hutchinson Health.

As a donor you can designate that your donation is added to the endowment fund. Your gift will not be used as other non-endowment general fund donations.

As you consider your next gift to Hutchinson Health Foundation, perhaps you will consider making a gift that keeps on giving and designate it to the Hutchinson Health Foundation General Endowment Fund.

It may be that you are considering an estate gift or memorial gift. These are also most appropriate to be added to the endowed funds so that the initial donation value will be preserved and will work to produce returns that will bless those receiving care at Hutchinson Health and Harmony River Living Center long into the future.

If you would like to learn more about the general fund endowment, it would be my pleasure to talk with you. You can reach me via email or at 320.484.4438.

Cary Linder, Hutchinson Health Foundation DirectorI look forward to the opportunity to connect with you, and to discuss how to make a gift that keeps on giving!

Until next time, 

Cary Linder
Director | Hutchinson Health Foundation

New Additions to the HHF Board

We would like to introduce and extend a warm welcome to two new Board Members who joined our the Hutchinson Health Foundation Board in 2017.

Matt Pulkrabek
Matt PulkrabekMatt currently works as a realtor at Hometown Realty here in Hutchinson; a position he has held for 11 years. He has been associated with the Downtown Hutchinson Association and Riverside Church. In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family, and golfing. Matt’s commitment to the local community makes him a valuable Foundation Board Member committed to keeping exceptional health care local.

Michele Max
Michele MaxMichele is currently working in Client Services and Marketing with her husband, Marc, a Financial Advisor for Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. She has been active with church committees as well as many school volunteer opportunities, youth sports and most recently with Hutchinson Health Foundation events. Michele is looking forward to taking a more active role on the Board as an advocate and supporter of Hutchinson Health.

Save the Date!

2017 Upcoming Events

Hutchinson Health Foundation hosts several fundraising events throughout the year. Our annual events build the Foundation’s involvement levels while helping fund health care projects. We hope you consider joining us for one or more of these events!

Wednesday, April 19th
Share ‘N Care Dinner
Celebrating its 32nd year, our Annual Share N’ Care Dinner remains the Foundation’s longest running event.  This evening of dinner and entertainment helps raise funds to support hospice care within our community. So save the date and look for ticket information to be posted on our website in mid February.
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Wednesday, May 3rd
Wednesday, December 6th
Masquerade Jewelry Sale
Join us for our $5 Masquerade Jewelry Sales, and help raise funds for the Foundation’s scholarship fund. Held in the Hospital’s main entrance from 10:00am – 5:00pm.
Learn More

Monday, August 14th
Scramble for Life
A day of fun, sun, and fundraising. One of our largest annual fundraisers, funds raised at the Scramble for Life support the Foundation’s growing scholarship and granting funds. So save the date and look for ticket information to be posted on our website in March.
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Saturday, November 18th
The Hutchinson Health Foundation Gala is a biennial event. Fundraising, food, and fun encompass the goals of the evening.
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Now Accepting 2017 Grant Applications

Hutchinson Health Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Annual Health Care Grant Program. The Grant Committee is authorized to award funds to organizations requesting money for health care education programs, equipment and related services. Grant applications and guidelines are available for pick up in the Foundation office, or can be downloaded here:

Hutchinson Health Internal Grant Application
Public Grant Application

Please contact Rachael Gemuenden with any questions.
Application deadline is Friday, February 24th, 2016.

A Message From Our Donors

E-Star Committee Members Anna Harvala & Amy McKay

A man of humanity is one who…desiring attainment for himself, helps others to attain.
– Confucius

It was with that thought in mind, and the realization we had a powerful and important group of donors right here at home, that the Hutchinson Health Foundation launched our E-Star Campaign and Giving Program in 2004.

E-Star Committee Members Amy McKay Anna Harvala

E-Star Committee Members Amy McKay Anna Harvala

With the E-Star Campaign, employees of companies and organizations are invited to contribute to the Hutchinson Health Foundation through automatic payroll deduction. We encourage employers to get involved by committing to match the donations of their employees.

Donations are directed to the Foundation’s general fund which supports the areas of greatest need in Hutchinson Health.

We recently sat down with two of our long time E-Star Campaign donors Anna Harvala and Amy McKay to find out what drives them to give a portion of each paycheck to the Hutchinson Health Foundation.

Anna Harvala, a Hutchinson Health employee who has been on the committee since its 2004 inception had this to say:

“I believe donating gifts of time and money demonstrates my commitment not only to my work as an employee, but to our patients, their families and my fellow co-workers. I believe in the mission of the Foundation and the work that they do. I feel that to make our organization stronger, it is crucial to support them at every level from donating time to donating financially.

The Foundation’s focus to keep health care local is important to me, as keeping health care local is what keeps a community vibrant. It provides accessibility to many health services for individuals and provides economic growth for the community.”

She went on to share:

“I have enjoyed my time on the E-Star Committee and helping to educate employees on the Foundation and how their service area can benefit from the support of the Foundation. We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of employees at Hutchinson Health, and our E-Star Campaign success certainly shows that.”

Amy McKay, another long time E-Star participant and Committee member, as well as Hutchinson Health employee mirrored those thoughts.

“I feel that giving gifts of time and money to organizations such as the Foundation is a small way I can help out a wonderful cause. The Foundation does a lot of great things and gives back to our community and health care.

Keeping health care local is important as it not only provides great service to our community, but it also provides numerous jobs.

I live in a very generous community and feel fortunate that I can further contribute to that. In addition, I have found a lot of personal achievement and enjoyed the fun and friendships made by serving on the E-Star Committee.”

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the E-Star Campaign, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at 320.484.4438.

A Recap of our 2016 Grateful Recipients

From training manikins, to heart monitoring, to therapeutic music and more

In 2016, by the generosity of donors like you, the Hutchinson Health Foundation was able to fund the following extraordinary grant requests.

  • Contributed $4,203.00 to the Hutchinson Health Medical Surgical and Intensive Care Unit for the acquisition of airway management training manikins. This equipment allows for staff to practice ongoing and up-to-date training in airway management techniques.
  • Granted $9,902.00 to the Hutchinson Health Intensive Care and Medical Surgical Unit to purchase additional heart monitoring telemetry with a high performance transmitter that supports bedside heart monitoring in any location in the hospital.
  • Supported the provision of therapeutic music to patients in the Hutchinson Health Inpatient Mental Health Unit with the funding of $2,500.00 to purchase iPods.
  • Provided the Hutchinson Health Outpatient Mental Health Unit with $3,395.00 to purchase testing protocol material and test training to help diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder in adolescents in the outpatient clinic.
  • Presented Allina Home Health and Hospice with $13,560.45 in proceeds from the Foundation Annual Share N’ Care Dinner and other designated memorial gifts.
  • Awarded eight, $1,000.00 scholarships to area high school graduates and employee children intending to pursue a career in health care.

We look forward to continuing to support our community and their requests in 2017.