Quarter 4 Newsletter

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Message From the Director

And here we go…2016 is upon us! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

I would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who played a part in making 2015 so successful.

First off, let me thank those who gave an outright donation, made a memorial gift, bought a ticket to attend one of our events, or purchased jewelry at one of our $5 jewelry sales. The ability to fund health related needs within our community is directly affected by your generosity. As result of that generosity, the Foundation met and exceeded several records in terms of attendance and dollars raised at our events this year!

Secondly, I would like to thank all of those who volunteered of their time and talent. The Foundation is only able to achieve what it does because so many of you give selflessly of your time and energy to make the organization run so smoothly.

Thirdly, I would like to thank the Foundation staff for their tireless effort and their drive to excellence for wonderful success in 2015.

As a Foundation, we wanted to find a way to better visualize and communicate the impact a donation can have here in our community.  As a result, the quarterly newsletter will recognize and feature one (of our many) donors who have made an exemplary contribution to support the effort of the Foundation. In addition, we will feature a grateful recipient each quarter who received a donation, whether it be to purchase new equipment or support projects that have a direct effect on patient care and therapy. We also will provide you with updates on volunteer and event activity; and highlight the contributions of those who go above and beyond in serving the Foundation.  We feel it is important for you to see the success you have helped manifest first hand!

Hutch Health Foundation Director Cary LinderPlans for 2016 are already well underway and we look forward to updating you each quarter about what the Foundation has been working on.  In addition, we will keep you abreast of the progress in regards to the Foundation’s four strategic goals the Board worked hard on developing in 2015.  We see big things happening in 2016!

Again allow me to thank you all for your gifts of assets, time and talent.

Cary Linder
Director | Hutchinson Health Foundation

Gala Was A Grand Slam

Dr. Steven Mulder, President & CEO of Hutch Health, pictured with the new OB Equipment

Dr. Steven Mulder, President & CEO of Hutch Health, pictured with the new OB Equipment

This past year’s Gala was a ‘Grand Slam’ and hit out of the park! The biennial event was held on November 21, and a record 196 attendees joined us for an evening of fun and fundraising.

The fundraising goal for this event was set at a net income of $52,000 for the purpose of purchasing equipment for Hutchinson Health Birth Care service area.

We are happy to share the goal was surpassed, and the evening raised $52,035 in net proceeds (double the $24,494 raised at the 2013 Monte Carlo Gala)! As a result, the Hutchinson Health Foundation was able to cover the complete cost of the new equipment for the OB unit. The equipment includes a Fetal Heart Monitor, Zoom Cart, and Panda Warmer.

View more photos from the event

2016 Upcoming Events

Hutchinson Health Foundation hosts several fundraising events throughout the year. Our annual events build the Foundation’s involvement levels while helping fund health care projects. We hope you consider joining us for one or more of these events!

Wednesday, April 20th
Share ‘N Care Dinner
Celebrating it’s 31st year, our Annual Share N’ Care Dinner remains the Foundation’s longest running event.  This evening of dinner and entertainment helps raise funds to support hospice care within our community. So save the date and look for ticket information to be posted on our website in mid February.

Wednesday, May 4th
Wednesday, November 30th 

Masquerade Jewelry Sale
Join us for our $5 Masquerade Jewelry Sales, and help raise funds for the Foundation’s scholarship fund. Held in the Hospital’s main entrance from 10:00am – 5:00pm.
Learn More

Monday, August 8th
Scramble for Life
A day of fun, sun, and fundraising. One of our largest annual fundraisers, funds raised at the Scramble for Life support the Foundation’s growing scholarship and granting funds. So save the date and look for ticket information to be posted on our website in March.
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A Message From One of Our Donors – Dr. Noel Collis

We recently sat down with Dr. Noel Collis, a relatively newer donor to the Foundation, and Internal Medicine Specialist with Hutchinson Health.  When asked about why it was important to him to give his gifts of time and treasure, along with why he chose the Foundation to be a grateful beneficiary, he shared the following:

“I enjoy being a part of the Hutchinson Health team, and providing quality care to patients here gives me great joy. I chose to support the Foundation because of the trust and integrity I find here.  The Foundation is an important partner to Hutchinson Health, and continually raises funds to better the organization for the patients we serve. As a result of their efforts, we see an advancement of healthcare options and services available within the local community.” 

Dr. Collis summed it up by saying:

“I work in many different communities, but enjoy the positive energy that seems to surround Hutchinson Health and the community it serves.”

Message From One of Our Grateful Recipients – Birth Care Center

The Hutchinson Health Birth Care Center was the very recent grateful recipient of the fundraising efforts at the 2015 Gala. We recently sat down with Dr. Zoulek, OB and Teresa Smith, Birth Care Manager & RN at Hutchinson Health, to discuss how the new equipment has helped both babies and mothers within our community.

Dr. Erin Knutson, Dr. Darryl Johnson & Dr. Emily Zoulek with the new equipment for the OB unit

Dr. Erin Knutson, Dr. Darryl Johnson & Dr. Emily Zoulek with
the new equipment for the OB unit

Dr. Zoulek had this to share:

“We felt honored that the Foundation Board choose to donate towards our Birth Care Center. We have many things on our “wish list” and to receive three new pieces of equipment we weren’t expecting was a great surprise!

The donation was utilized in the purchase of:

1. Fetal Monitor (which measures the little one’s heart rate when in mommy, and also monitor mommy’s heart rate if she is recovering from a c-section)
2. Zoom Cart (helps assist getting mom moved easier)
3. Panda Warmer (ready to take and care for babies).

This new equipment allows us to better serve the wide spread needs of moms and babes that come to Hutchinson Health and provide a high excellence of care. We want people to feel comfortable with the care we provide, and they can rest assured quality care is available right in their backyard.”

Panda Warmer, Zoom Cart, and Fetal Heart Monitor that are now being utilized in the Hutchinson Health Birth Care Center

Panda Warmer, Zoom Cart, and Fetal Heart Monitor that are now being utilized in the Hutchinson Health Birth Care Center

Teresa Smith added:

“The new equipment is a blessing, as these are things we use everyday. The zoom cart allows us to get mom to operating room quickly if a c-section is needed, and the fetal heart monitor allows us to do her post-op recovery right in her room in the birthing center.

The hospital is rarely a place someone desires to go to willingly, unless they are having a baby! The Birth Care Center and team wants families to feel together throughout the entire birthing process, and the new equipment allows us to keep baby in mommy’s arms right away after delivery if both are healthy.”

Message From A Past Scholarship Recipient – Lindsey Krenik

Part of how we make a difference is through the Foundation’s Scholarship Program. Each year, we present six $1000 scholarships to students in our local communities who will be entering studies in a health care related field. Four scholarships are given to area high school seniors at Hutchinson High School, New Century Academy, Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart and Dassel-Cokato. Two scholarships are given to a Hutchinson Health employee’s child, and one is given to a Ridgewater student. 

In fact, we currently taking applications for our 2016 Scholarship recipients. Applications for high school students can be found with high school counselors. The employee child application can be downloaded here or picked up at the Foundation Office.

In December we received a welcome note from past scholarship recipient Lindsey Krenik.  She took time out of her busy schedule to share and update us on her experiences.  We wanted to share her update with you, so that you can see how your donations directly impact the youth in our community.

Hello Hutchinson Health Foundation!

I hope the holiday season is going well for you all back in the states. As one of your scholarship recipients for last year and this year, I thought I’d share how this semester has been for me since I’ve been studying abroad in Austria!

nursing majors who served in Lourdes

Nursing majors who served in Lourdes (I am in the middle back row)

I have been so blessed to travel and experience Europe for the past 3 months while furthering my education to become a nurse. During the semester here, we are given a week off to travel wherever we choose. Many students visit Greece, Spain, Ireland, etc. or sometimes a combination of many “bucket list” places.

As for myself and about 30 others, we decided to do mission work over our break in Lourdes, France. I have included a couple photos; one of the nursing majors who served in Lourdes, and one of the group of pilgrims and volunteers the week I served.

Group of pilgrims and volunteers the week I served

Group of pilgrims and volunteers the week I served (I am in the middle of the lefthand side).

During our week of mission work, nursing majors were given the privilege of serving under a few head nurses and doctors in taking care of the sick. I was so honored to learn from such incredible people throughout the week, and the knowledge I gained has strongly impacted the way I view the healthcare field. The time I’ve spent in Europe so far has dramatically developed me as a person and the experiences are truly priceless.

Thank you so much for helping me along in the journey! I truly wish I could express my gratitude for your support with more weight.


Lindsey Krenik