The Knudtson Scholarship Fund

Dr. Erin Kndutson, and Dr. Josh Knudtson pictured with scholarship recipient.

Dr. Erin Kndutson, and Dr. Josh Knudtson pictured with scholarship recipient.

A Message From  Our Donors – Dr. Erin Knudtson & Dr. Knudtson

We recently sat down with Doctors Josh Knudtson and Erin Knudtson, to learn more about what inspired them to establish an endowment to fund scholarships for two graduating Hutchinson High School Seniors determined to pursue a health care career. Dr. Erin Knudtson shared the following:

“The Foundation’s vision is to promote health care excellence through philanthropy. As members of the community, we were looking to give back to a healthcare system that has been supportive of us. As physicians, we value education and personal development. We have always envisioned the creation of a scholarship to assist students in the funding of their education. Through the creation of our scholarship, The Foundation has given us a wonderful opportunity to donate to the community in a way that we value. We hope that our contribution assists students in the cost of their medical education, which as it rises, makes it more difficult to pursue and makes our gift more fitting.”

When asked what makes them most proud about our community and keeping health care local, Dr. Erin Knudtson summed it up by saying:

“Hutchinson has a nice blend of intellectual and social interests. It has the dynamics of a large city with the warmth of a tight-knit community. 

There’s tremendous value in providing access to healthcare in rural places. People expect to have their needs managed locally. At Hutchinson Health, we wish to provide high quality services and exceed their expectations.”

If you are interested in exploring more about donating to our Scholarship fund, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at or 320.484.4438