The ‘New Faces’ of Hutchinson Health

A message from one of our grateful Recipients

new adult intubation head

New adult intubation head for training

The Foundation recently had the opportunity to approve a grant request for training tools and equipment that assist in team training and procedures for staff in the following departments: Emergency Services, BirthCare, Medical-Surgical, and Intensive Care.

The $4,203.50 in approved funds were applied towards the purchase of a neonatal simulation baby, a neonatal intubation head, and an adult intubation head. Simulation training is an essential part of emergency training for staff, and airway management is often a key component of emergencies. These tools, along with the different type of masks and tubes available allow for easier demonstration of airway clearing techniques, and lead to acquired confidence in skills and expertise necessary for successful emergency management.

Joe Jorgensen , ACLS and BLS Instructor for Hutchinson Health and a Paramedic for Allina Health took a few moments out of his busy and often chaotic schedule to provide some additional information on how the funding of these tools have a positive impact on those within our community.

Joe Jorgensen and the new adult intubation head

Joe Jorgensen , ACLS and BLS Instructor for Hutchinson Health and a Paramedic for Allina Health

“I was thrilled when I learned we would be receiving a donation from the Foundation for the purchase of updated equipment for practicing airway techniques.  The new mannequin is FANTASTIC! It was greatly needed. Our old equipment did not allow for proper airway management, or the using of skills to secure the airway.

The updated equipment will help us to better educate the Hutchison Health Staff and surrounding areas. Being able to practice and become competent at life saving techniques will prepare our responders and caregivers to apply them to real life situations, which in turn, directly helps our community by providing great health care. The opportunity to keep health care local gives people a sense of familiarity along with peace of mind that you can get great care in an emergency situation without having to travel out of our area.”

If you are interested in learning how to apply for a Foundation grant, email or call Rachael Gemuenden at or 320.484.4438

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