The Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic, P.A.

Hutchinson Health Ortho Team

Hutchinson Health Ortho Team

We recently sat down with Andrew Meyers and Dr. Walker from The Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic (OFC), to learn more why they have chose to support the Foundation as an Annual Event Sponsor. Andrew Meyers, Chief Executive Officer, shared the following:

“OFC provides orthopaedic care in several locations. We do this to support the local healthcare system that we work with to help them remain healthy and viable. We have found that hospitals and their foundations have a much better insight into the needs of the community and its healthcare system.

Local care is usually of better quality, is more affordable, and is more personable. It’s these types of ‘systems’ that we like to participate with and provide the needed orthopaedic component, meeting that need in the community.

The recently combined healthcare system in Hutchinson shows how much the providers want to maintain a system where they can provide the quality and breadth of care needed to properly serve the community.”

Dr. Walker further elaborated by contributing:

“The hospital provides a service to the community, and with pressures of reimbursement, these entities need help from local donors, such as OFC and providers like myself.”

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